Excellent VOLTRX electric shaker bottle product! I use Vega protein powder

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  Excellent electric shaker bottle product! I used Vega protein powder, kiwi seeds, flaxseed powder, almond milk in the milkshake. I mix all the ingredients together. There is no powder like other protein shaker (milkshake, I see What about you!) The lid is tightly sealed and will not fall forward when drinking. The best part is that this bottle of wine is less than 10 yuan!

  I bought this protein shaker bottle because I need some protein shaker after exercise. I like the small steel ball that comes with it. Mixing powder and liquid is really helpful. Cheap but effective. Before shaking, make sure to hear a click on the lid. I learned the lesson the hard way.

  Absolutely amazing protein shake bottles. It will not leak at all. Just make sure the lid is closed and sealed (you should hear a click). I use blender bottles for many things-whey protein shakes, lemonade and so on. Be sure to wash with hot water after each use.

VOLTRX blender bottles works well
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