voltrx blender bottles are very suitable for shaking

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  I use these electric shaker bottles to carry and mix Soylent, a nutritious milkshake, absolutely perfect. In all fairness, I used an immersion blender to blend the mixture first, so I can’t really swear it blends like a champion-but the bottle itself is what I need. The milkshake I drank was easy to separate, and the ball pulled it back in an instant. Today my milkshake was too cold in the refrigerator and it was frozen in a big chunk. This ball can press the frozen part back into the liquid. The top is very safe, I don’t worry about it. All electric blender bottle parts are easy to clean. I wash mine every day, but in fact I just shake them with hot soapy water to wash them. simple. Durable and efficient. Respectful!

  I use an electric bottle shaker to mix powder (protein, creatine, any powder) and liquid. IT is very effective for this. Don’t expect to mix things like peanut butter (someone asked this question). The ball is not sharp and will not handle any heavy objects, but it will mix water-soluble powders and liquids well. I did not get any worrisome powder blocks.

  I don’t like the way the balls are separated-without a lid, something will be lost when washing and drying. It’s not a big deal, but it needs to be considered. Other bottles have built-in mixing powder, but I have never used it before I know how effective it is.

  Otherwise, it is well structured and tightly sealed. I didn’t “abuse” the protein shaker, so I can’t say how durable it is, but it doesn’t make me think it is easy to break. Anyway, I will recommend this to my friends.

I have used several electric shaker bottle caps and eventually it will break until I use the voltrx Shaker Bottle.
Use voltrx Shaker Bottle without agglomeration or leakage!

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