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voltrx Shaker Bottle

  At the gym, I was obsessed with potions. Prepare before exercise, exercise during exercise, and drink after exercise. Always carry these plastic bags with you, or bring a bunch of protein shakers. The bottom is very clever! I put one mixture in the main compartment, and then put the other mixture at the bottom. It was more than 20 once, which is the correct ratio of my creatine water.

  The attached ball mixes well, better than the metal whisk. The problem with stroke is that they deform over time. This plastic ball allows me to use gravity to do better.

electric shaker bottle

  I like this size. It is 20 ounces large. It can be installed on the cup holder of the car.

  The bottom of the vibrating screen is movable, which is also a compartment for powder.

  The easy-to-clean, closable drinking lid.

  With the shaker ball, you can even mix the pancake mixture in this shaker. I did it, and it really succeeded.

  It is a transparent color, so you can clearly see the liquid level, and the dishwasher is safe.

  When using the small blender bottle, the cap and screw cap do not leak water.

  like this small blender bottle.