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  The glass shaker bottle is not rocket science, I think it should be done correctly and the price is reasonable. More information about this electric shaker bottle.

  Compared with our vibrating bottles of the same size (16 ounces vs. 20 ounces electric shaker bottles), they are very similar. The glass shaker bottle is more tolerant, but the Amazon bottle is very stable-there are no powder accessories.

cheap shaker bottle

  This is what I am worried about: Can the electric shaker bottle with powder accessories work? The answer is yes, it is very simple. The powder part is great because it has its own cap that can be screwed to the bottom of the bottle so that it can be taken out of the electric shaker bottle without worrying that the remaining powder will be thrown away once it is shaken and mixed. This way the pressed powder can be attached to the pressed powder or carried separately, which is great. Regardless of whether the electric shaker bottle has this part or not, the function of the electric shaker bottle itself is perfect.

  Other small differences are the carrying/clamping ring on the bottle cap (our Blender bottle does not have). The Amazon bottle has a slightly narrower beverage hole, but I won’t really notice it unless you compare it directly.

  Finally, the agitator ball itself. Unlike Blender steel spring balls, Amazon has a molded plastic ball that can also play a good role in mixing protein. It is heavier than a spring ball. The rattle in the electric shaker bottle is different from the spring, but unless you are really sensitive to this kind of things, I don’t think this is a problem.

  In short, this is a good-performance protein shake blending bottle. You must consider it when looking for blender bottles.

Such a useful voltrx protein bottle, I recommended it to my friends
This voltrx electric shaker bottle changed my way of fitness

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