The development history of Shaker Bottle

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  Shaker Bottle is made for protein powder. Early protein powders had to be brewed with Shaker Bottle due to poor solubility.

  With the continuous advancement of technology, when the instant technology of protein powder has made a breakthrough, after the emergence of a new generation of cup protein powder, it is no longer necessary to use Shaker Bottle to brew protein powder.

  Everyone who has used Shaker Bottle has encountered many problems more or less.

  1. What awkward things will I encounter when using Shaker Bottle?

  1) Poor sealing and various water leaks.

  2) Shake out a lot of bubbles and drink too much air.

  3) It stinks for a long time, it takes time to clean, and it is not clean.

  4) There are many kinds of materials, and there are many problems with recycled materials and plasticizers, which are not easy to distinguish.

  5) Generally too large, inconvenient to carry, and not suitable for your temperament.

  6) PP material is fragile, and it will break if you accidentally drop it on the ground.

  7) The continuous collision of the spring or metal ball with the wall of the cup can easily damage the wall.

  8) Shaker Bottle has become one of the important labels for fitness and muscle gain, which is not suitable for the image positioning of many people.

  2, what are the hidden losses and costs that have to be considered when using Shaker Bottle to drink powder?

  In addition to the price, it is easy to overlook the loss of drinking powder, such as deterioration, expiration, the expense of using Shaker Bottle, and the time cost.

  For low-frequency protein powder users, they must pay attention to deterioration and expiration loss.

  For high-frequency protein powder users, it is necessary to focus on the use expenditure and time cost.

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  3. Looking at the future trend from the development of protein powder

  The three major nutrients of the human body are carbohydrate, oil and protein.

  It was not until the 1970s that protein powder officially became a commodity and entered thousands of households with the help of modern industrial technology. This is another revolutionary breakthrough for mankind in the field of nutrition after pure oils and pure carbon water, achieving the purification of three major nutrients.

  Soy protein powder first came out in the 1970s. Since then, protein powder products have continued to introduce new products. In the 1990s, driven by ultrafiltration technology, whey protein powder went on the market, with higher purity and better quality.

  With the continuous improvement of the quality of raw powder, various brands have begun to launch a series of protein powder products. The quality of raw material powder determines the quality of protein powder products. Starting from low-purity products, the purity of the products continues to improve. At the same time, the powder’s fluidity and solubility are getting better and better.

  At present, mainstream products in the protein powder market still generally have problems such as poor brewing properties, poor taste and taste, inconvenience to carry and use, and many additives, which are closely related to the quality of the raw powder.

  From the perspective of the development process of protein powder, protein powder will develop in the direction of high nutrition, good taste, healthy 0-addition, portable and instant Shaker Bottle-free brewing, and the product experience will be further improved.

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