The calf is too thick and not confident? 4-step stovepipe method, easily get rid of chubby legs

  For women, the perfection of curves is the top priority in life. The smooth body shape and the meticulous calf are the “front” of the overall image. However, whether it is going to work or shopping, most of us women like to wear high heels. After a few hours, and the rest time is too short, our leg muscles will be well “trained”, which leads to us His calf is getting thicker and thicker.

  When the calf is thick, it goes against the original intention of our slim body. Moreover, once the leg muscles have been trained, it is still very difficult to lose weight again. But don’t worry, I will give you a 4-step stovepipe method today to help you get rid of your fat legs easily. By reading this short article, you will understand two aspects:

  1. How to thin the calf?

  2. How to prevent thick legs?

  One. How to thin calf?

  1. Kneading method

  This method is very simple. After we take a shower at night, we can sit on the ground with our legs crossed, keeping the leg muscles relaxed, and knead the calf with the index finger and middle finger of the thumb. The strength of the kneading should be moderate. It is advisable for the muscles to feel slightly hot and slightly painful. Do it on your legs for about ten minutes.

  2. Tap and relax

  After a day of fatigue, the calf muscles are often in a tight state, and the tight muscles tend to become stronger. Therefore, at this time, we must perform slapping movements to assist the muscles in relaxing. Sit cross-legged, tap the calf muscles with both hands and alternate left and right legs. The purpose of this is to promote blood circulation in the calf muscles and help relax the muscles.

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  3. Stretch the leg ligaments

  At this time, we can choose bedside or stool as auxiliary equipment. Support your hands on a stool or bed, and straighten your feet for 3 to 5 minutes. Then lift the left foot upwards, after reaching the limit of the person, stay for a few seconds to return to the position, and then lift the right foot in place. This action is not difficult, stick to 10~15 minutes every day, the effect is amazing.

  4. Aerial bike

  First, we have to lie flat on the bed, and then put our hands behind the waist for support. Raise your legs gradually and do a bicycle pedaling in the air. This action not only helps us to reduce our legs, but also helps our abdominal muscles and thigh muscles to burn fat. It has a very obvious effect on weight loss. When doing this exercise, we usually do it for 30-40 minutes. If you feel tired in the middle, you can adjust the rest according to your own situation, usually between 30-60s.

  Two. How to prevent stout legs?

  Generally speaking, if the body is not obese, the reason why the calf is strong is related to our exercise habits. When our calves are subjected to too much exercise, especially for some mountain climbing, cycling and other sports, our calves can easily become thicker.

  The best way to prevent stout calves is to relax. Usual stretching can lengthen our muscle fibers, thereby relaxing the tense muscles. At the same time, after exercise, massage and pat the muscles should be added to promote the elimination of fatigue and prevent the calf from being too thick.

  Conclusion: Strong calf is a nightmare for every girl, after all, we want to wear a beautiful skirt and want to leak out the slender calf. If we happen to have some fleshy calves, then we should not lose confidence, just follow these four steps to exercise, plus the usual precautions, then the thick calf will not happen to you!

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