Since having the voltrx Shaker Bottle, I am now the coolest person in my gym.

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  When I walk in the gym with this fanatic, everyone will look at me. This shows that I am serious. I can lift something heavier than the mountain itself. He even called me yesterday to help him move. You know. Because I exercise, I’m like. Too great.

  I don’t know, buddy. If you are reading these books, buy them. It won’t leak. It looks very cunning. It exists to help your health. The powder is mixed badly.

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  My first electric shaker bottle, I am glad I have it! I always use it instead of breakfast in the morning. For liquids and powders, it can be mixed well, and it is very effective for turbid fruits/vegetables; I tried banana mash once and it was not as slippery as I wanted, so I think when I want to put fruits or vegetables, I Will still use immersion electric shaker bottle. Many times I only mix 8 ounces of almond milk and iced coffee with a scoop of protein powder every morning (make a pot in the refrigerator for a week), but I have played with pumpkin puree and juice (not at the same time!) for the difference thing.

Easy to use and non-breakable voltrx Shaker Bottle
Super easy-to-use protein shaker shakes well

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