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Shaker Bottle price

  Voltrx protein shaker is a good material, claiming that BPA is free, I can’t test it out, so I trust the company. In general, the protein shaker is very useful for what I need. It’s actually much more than I thought. 28 ounces is quite large. Easy to clean and use, including stirring balls.

  This is definitely a perfect voltrx protein shaker bottle. I like this handle, so when I wake up in the gym, it feels good to carry… and this protein shaker bottle is easy to clean, without the unpleasant smell, just like other cheap juice bottles.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  My protein and amino acids are perfectly mixed with the stirring ball. I really like that the nozzle closes with a satisfying click. But if you use this black blender bottle, it is completely easy to drive back.