Should be a few exercises per week, the scientific arrangement is important

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  If you just contact fitness, you may often go to the gym to see, you will find that many people will cry that their fitness has no effect, despite the sweat, but the actual effect is still far from their own expectations, with the passage of time, gradually will lose enthusiasm and motivation for fitness. This is because most of my friends are blindly fitness, blind fitness is not training a good body.

  Fitness is not the more exercise, the better the results will be. Quite the opposite, the same training between the addition of appropriate rest, will have a better training effect. Therefore the preparation stage of fitness can not be less, the most important thing is to develop a fitness plan for their own, so that fitness will have a certain regularity, adhere to it will be easier.

  First, a part should be practiced several times a week

  1, different muscles correspond to different rest time

  If you train your back muscles on Wednesday and wait until the next Wednesday for the second training, you will miss the best stage of the second training because the time interval is too long. For muscles, rest time is about a day to three days, the difference lies in the size of the muscle, like the pectoral muscles, back muscles, these large muscle groups, rest time in about three days is better, for biceps, calf muscles, these small muscles, rest a day can be, a short time to recover.

  2, different training intensity corresponds to different rest time

  Training intensity and rest time is directly related. Training not only to have muscle participation, we must not forget that the nervous system also plays an important role. The muscles may take three days to recover from heavy weight training, but the nervous system is much slower to recover, taking about a week or so. Therefore, the training intensity should try to choose the “sub-maximum” intensity, so that training to maximize the effect. So that the large muscle groups can be trained twice a week.

  Second, what parts of the week should be exercised separately

  1, according to their actual situation

  Because many friends usually life pressure and work pressure are relatively large, so what to practice a few times a week should be based on their actual situation. Many friends will have a relatively heavy work on Monday, this time Sunday do not carry out high-intensity large-weight training, so as not to affect the next day’s mental outlook and work efficiency, the importance of this time the fitness program is reflected.

  2、How to arrange what to practice on week days

  There is a method called body division method, is the upper body and lower body training staggered. For example, Monday bench press, Tuesday squat, Wednesday rest, Thursday dumbbell flying bird, Friday hard pull, weekend rest. This is a staggered upper body and lower body training program. This method can increase the muscle strength and muscle dimension of the gym-goer at the same time.

  Third, how to make a fitness program that suits you and stick to it

  Just contact fitness friends can go to a gym with better facilities to test their physical fitness, or through a fitness coach, to develop a fitness plan for us personally. Whether we can stick to it depends more on our subjective consciousness, fitness can listen to more energetic songs, or find a good relationship with friends to train together, choose a gym with a strong fitness atmosphere will help us to persist.

  Each person’s physical quality is different, the training plan is also different, how many times a week to practice, a few days a week should exercise which part is also different from person to person.

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