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  Too many beginners do not have a good grasp of the essentials of the movement will blindly participate in training and lead to injury, or exercise for a period of time finally because there is no effect and do not persist.

  Fitness requires persistence

  1, do not start in the absence of a teacher to repeat the same action under the guidance of practice

  The eyes bring the learning effect is extremely strong, but this does not mean that you see a fitness action will be able to master the action of the know-how. Perhaps in what you think is correct and stick to it, not only can not bring positive results, but will cause a series of contrasting effects. Many times the action want, does not mean that the action right, find a professional teacher or coach to help you develop a suitable for your own training methods, will be long and progress.

  2. Don’t compare yourself with others, but compete with yesterday’s self

  Everyone has a method of training that works for them, and they struggle with it.

  Do not often go to compare with others and think that they are not doing as well as others, or that they are a cut below others, not as good as others. This kind of loss and frustration will fill your heart all of a sudden, making you anxious and uncomfortable to continue training. Soon you will lose confidence in yourself because you can not achieve the same progress as others, and finally even choose to give up.

  Everyone’s physique is different, the training time is different, and the training methods are different. Do not compare with others, just race with yesterday’s self.

  3, don’t indulge yourself in a big way because the short-term goal is reached

  Usually in the summer time schools, parks, roads will be a lot of people running exercise, and in the winter there will be no one, you can imagine, they run for what, the summer season is a show body moment, when it is crazy to start exercise to lose weight, in order to be able to wear a beautiful bikini, or go to the beach to tan your bronze skin.

  It is a good thing to have such a goal, after all, there is still a goal, but not training for just a few months will be so good body, the effect of fitness is to rely on the cumulative effect of months and months, and can not be achieved overnight. When you choose to give up at the same time also means that next year to start again.

  4, do not forget their original intention

  Tell yourself every day: Why do you want to work out? And what is your purpose? Do not choose to give up at the second of imminent success, do not forget why you started because of the hard process, and do not miss the joy of success because of the temporary failure!

  In fact, the difficulty is not terrible, what is terrible is that you choose to give up at the second when you are about to succeed. From now on, no matter how many failures you have experienced before, re-establish your enthusiasm and loyalty to fitness, not afraid of starting too late, only afraid of ending too early.

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