Shaker Bottle that is better than a blender

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  This voltrx electric shaker bottle can easily mix protein powder. I shake the protein powder with almond milk and water for about 10 seconds, and then stir it evenly. There is no lumps or any powder on the sides. My blender cannot mix quickly or completely. I find that the electric blender makes the powder fluffy, resulting in very tight mixing. Using a vibrating screen, the consistency remains the same as the consistency of the liquid to be mixed.

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  The main body of the electric shaker bottle is a very durable plastic material, as is the top. I found that the top one is not as annoying and messy as other comments.

  I decided to use other linear vibrating screens to solve this problem. These vibrating screens have many reviews, but they are all made in China. Even if it is twice the price, it is worth buying made in the United States! And I am sure the quality of the voltrx protein shaker bottle is better than cheap Chinese junk.

An innovative Chinese company and a great new electric shaker bottle easy to use and clean!
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