Best electric shaker bottle

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  The best protein shaker bottles! I found this when I was looking for that kind of noisy and annoying shaker. In my work last week, I used this tool every day, and guessed that no annoying clanging sound would shake it! Want to know what else is magical? Put the powder in a dry place before going out in the morning, you need to add water, and Stir! Yes, I really want to shake it, and then let it stay in the powder at the bottom for a while to absorb some water, but everything is absorbed and mixed together. There is no need to shake vigorously, and there are no annoying balls. Bouncing sound. Yes, I do keep the lid of the beverage nozzle closed, but I can use any vibrator to do this. Another favorite feature is that there is no O-ring gasket, so you have to worry about fungus being trapped underneath, but it will never become completely clean.

Shaker Bottle that is better than a blender
The glass shaker bottle that can finally be used

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