Seven things you don’t know what protein shaker can do

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  Many people swear that the invention of the electric shaker bottle is one of the greatest things because it is sliced ​​into thin slices. But for a bottle that can only achieve one goal, the high price seems useless, right?

  What if we told you that broken protein powder is only one thing your baby bottle can do? If you don’t invest in protein shaker bottles, check everything they can do, not just protein before and after exercise!


  This seems obvious, but many people don’t realize that your electric shaker bottle can be twice your water bottle! Shake bottles come in various sizes, but the typical size is about 20 ounces. You can track how much water you drink and make sure you reach the recommended daily intake! (approximately 64 ounces).


  Making pancakes can become messy; the batter always tries to flow out of the bowl, picking up a heavy bowl, and pouring the batter into the pan will only cause disaster. However, with a shaker bottle, you can easily mix the batter evenly and pour it into the pot without causing confusion!

personalized shaker bottle

  Coffee Drink

  It’s a thing of the past to spend money on interesting ice lattes. With a shaken bottle (don’t forget the spring), you can drink a few cups of cold coffee or coffee, then mix the milk with other favorite flavors (sugar, cinnamon, wood, etc.), shake it well, and then shake it! At least $4 was saved. Check out our coconut firewood coffee recipe!

  protein shake

  Don’t forget what the purpose of the protein shaker bottle is! If you don’t try a protein shaker, a shaker is an ideal way to try it. The main difference is that they are equipped with a mechanism that can correctly decompose and mix these ingredients so that they can shake smoothly every time! (Some people even keep them cold.

  cocktails and mixed drinks

  Secondly, besides using it in actual protein shakes, what better way than to make interesting cocktails? Not everyone has room for a cocktail shaker, so put your favorite ingredients in one Enjoy it in a bottle with a lot of ice cubes! The added benefit is: if you use a protein shaker bottle as a cup, make sure your drink is kept at a low temperature for a longer period of time.


  For those who live on their own, buying a large bottle of condiments may be a waste. In addition, when you make your own seasoning, you can control the content of salt and sugar, which is healthier for you! You can mix any seasoning recipe you like with a bowl and whisk and put it in the protein shaker bottle , And then mix quickly and easily.

  If you are not familiar with homemade dressing games, please check the following eight healthy and simple recipes, and then try to go home.

  Fluffy scrambled eggs

  Scrambled eggs may be ugly. If you eat too much/not enough eggs, you may end up with taste or texture issues. Who wants this? Shaking the eggs in a shaker will make them smoother and form a plate of crispy and delicious scrambled eggs!

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