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  The world is just full of uncertainty. The whole country is blocked and restricted. It is difficult to know exactly what the next agenda is. We cannot control what is happening around the world, but we can control our attitude and behavior towards the current environment. With this in mind, we have made some suggestions that can help you keep your head clear in these unpredictable times:

  Set some goals: We know it’s hard not to meet your friends, go out for a few drinks or enjoy a meal as usual, but if you are willing to change your mindset, this may be a blessing to you. Grab a pen and notebook and write down the five things you most want to achieve, the date you want to achieve, and how you feel after successfully achieving it.

  Develop a new habit: You can start by establishing a new routine, abandon your hangover on Sunday morning, go for a walk in the park, reduce your time on social media, and do a morning ritual to make your day better! Look at you Now in your daily life, think about what you want to improve. First, keep the change small and maintainable, and then build on it.

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  Change your training method: Whether you are going to a real gym or just exercising at home, make sure you exercise at least a little bit every day. Research shows that when it comes to stress release, physical activity brings huge benefits. When you exercise, your body releases a chemical substance called endorphins. Endorphins stimulate your body to feel positive, not to mention that you will work hard to build a new and better body in the next few months.

  Cooking by myself Now I have more time to cook my favorite dishes at home, so I can focus my energy on nutrition. Make sure you eat enough protein, especially when you are doing any kind of exercise, and focus on nutritious and low-calorie foods… (PS.): Have you tried our delicious meringue Is the recipe on the blog, or you can find it on Facebook/Instagram.

  Go buy ZZZ! In so many situations, sleep priority is one of the most overlooked factors. Overtraining/anxiety/depression and weight loss contribute to a normal and good sleep. Most nights, try to sleep and wake up at the same time, so that you can enter a more efficient day!

  Conclusion: Set new goals. These goals can be achieved by developing good habits, exercising, paying attention to nutrition and ensuring adequate sleep.

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