Protein Shake Blender texture Analysis!

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  As we all know, protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. For those who are gaining muscle, after training, the muscle will be damaged to varying degrees. Protein is the raw material for muscle repair.

  For me, protein is an important nutrition that cannot be ignored in the process of bodybuilding and fat loss, especially after exercise, adding protein is the happiest thing for me. Stir the protein powder with protein Shaker bottle, and the process of drinking it all in one gulp is really satisfying.

  The design highlights

  Electric Protein Shaker bottle, bid farewell to the heavy and unattractive design, redefine the mixing cup, and present every detail in a delicate way.

  The component structure of Electric Shaker Cup is reshaped. A number of improvements make electric Water bottle more delicate and durable than ordinary mixing cups, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful combination of convenience and technology.

  Light and convenient design, more suitable for carrying. Strong stirring power, more suitable for protein supplement after exercise, stirring bar can make powder more delicate.

  Material analysis of shake bottle Mixer

  Innovative r & D design, cup body and base can be separated at will, more ingenuity, convenient cleaning and use, improve the convenience of users. Electric Water bottle strictly uses food-grade materials to protect the health of you and your family. Chic modeling looks more beautiful and classy.

  Spiral agitator bar design, even mixing, more complete functions, to create a more outstanding craftsmanship.

  Plastic Shaker bottle features innovation

  Lightweight and convenient design, more suitable for portable, innovative eddy current, light carry in the middle exquisite, higher stirring efficiency.

  Take the lead in the introduction of laminated machine, and agitator bar closed loop, get rid of the single mixing mode, add a solid body material, make it more solid.

  Protein Shaker Cup uses eddy lamination technology for a more detailed design. Dual lithium batteries have longer and continuous battery life, and Best Protein Shaker bottle is convenient for use when going out to exercise.

Just what you’d expect – Electric Shaker bottle is a good mixing bottle
Why is VOLTRX Electric Protein Shaker bottle more popular than other shakers?

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