Just what you’d expect – Electric Shaker bottle is a good mixing bottle

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  I like Blender Water Bottle. I’ve been using the Personalised Protein Shaker bottle for years and it works great. One thing I like about the product I just got is that the inside is round and easier to clean, and the Protein Shakes Shaker bottle is easier to use.

  In fact, I don’t even need the vibrator ball inside the vibrator to mix my proteins. Of course, I only mix protein and water, so if you’re shaking and mixing fruit, this might be sorely needed. But for me it’s perfect. No leaks or confusion. It’s a must for a gym rat like me.

  The quality of these Electric Blender Water Bottles is much better than any other brand. I also like the bottom to be round to keep the protein from sticking in the corners. I wish it was easier to close the lid and then open it again, but I can’t complain about not spilling anything. I bought a few of them and highly recommend them.

  I bought the emerald Shake Shaker Cup. I wish it was bluer than the picture (as it often is), but no, it’s green. That’s good. The color doesn’t matter anyway. The button-down part of the lid that covers the drinking spout takes a little muscle to fully press down, which I actually like because I don’t see it open or leak when I shake the bottle. I am satisfied with my purchase. If there is anything wrong with my current milk water bottle, I will buy it again.

  I have the 24-ounce medium version. There are bigger ones and smaller ones. Please pay attention to your space requirements when choosing. All Electric Blender Shakers come with a well-designed screw lid with a drink mouth that you can actually drink without dripping on yourself, can be safely clipped, and the circular carry function stays quietly on top until you need it.

  The vibrator for mixing seems to work, but not the one I’ve used. I left the Electric Protein Shaker bottle in the drawer. Easy to clean and well designed. Gray can go anywhere without looking out of place. Like powder Shaker bottle without side information.

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