Powerful voltrx Shaker Bottle

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  This protein shake blender completed the task in a simple and clear way. Before I got the bottle, I had the worst experience of making protein shakes. I simply put the milk and protein in an ordinary water bottle and tried to shake it up. At first I thought it was enough, but it was not enough. Protein will not mix with milk, and you will leave a disgusting protein taste in the entire milkshake. too frightening. Now with this bottle and matching metal stirrer, it never happened again. The plastic is high quality, the top opening is very strong and well made.



  -durable plastic

  -easy to wash and clean because the top can be removed


  -I can’t think of it. The only problem with voltrx glass shaker bottle is that if you don’t clean it, mold will start to form, but it does happen to all shakers, bottles, various plastic products, or if you keep moisture in it for too long.

  Shipped quickly, and I did not complain to the seller. I will definitely buy more because they are important.

voltrx protein shake blender is a good product, good price, good customer service
voltrx blender bottles make protein tremble better

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