I have used voltrx protein bottle for 5 years, which is very suitable for my morning exercises.

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  I use an electric shaker bottle to mix energy drinks. not completely. This is the most suitable size. Cleaning is not difficult. But that little spring ball is like the three-year-old bad boy you can’t catch. If you catch it, level it, or you will forget it.

  These are the 100% must-have electric shakers for the smoothies I make every morning. I put the milkshake mixture and coconut milk into the bottle of the blender, shake it well, and then add it to the blender along with the other milkshake ingredients. Then I took the mixing ball out of the bottle, poured the blended smoothie mixture back into the mixing bottle, and drank it on the way to work. The protein shaker electric is not spilled in my bag.

  These protein shakers are really top quality. We bought two bottles and exchanged two old ones. The quality is obvious. It is worth a few dollars. We will buy these again.

VOLTRX electric shaker bottle is perfect for protein shakes
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