Explanation of zero-based human body induction training methods

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  In the fitness exercises, some exercises are more difficult, and some exercises are more difficult. Among them, the human body flag is a very difficult exercise. If you want to practice the adult body flag, you need some training methods, but many people don’t know. The training method of the human body banner. So, what is the zero-based human flag training method? Let’s take a look.

  Zero basic human body flag training method

  1. Slow horizontal bar and double moment arms

  This action requires us to use double moment arms. In fact, this action is also an upgraded version of pull-ups. The movement has a certain degree of difficulty. We need to use pull-ups to raise our body to the bar and then prop up our arms. Try to make our whole body upward.

  2. Front level

  This action requires us to use single parallel bars to complete, and the requirements for the core muscles of the upper limbs are very high. It is difficult for a friend who does not usually train to do this action. This action requires us to use the strength of our arms to support our entire body, make our body parallel to the ground, and then begin to move forward.

  3. Russian Stand Up

  This movement is composed of ordinary push-ups, gymnastics and acrobatics, so it is a very comprehensive exercise. The degree of difficulty is very high, but if it can be done, then making a human body banner is not a problem.

  4. One-handed pull-ups

  Pull-ups are not easy by themselves, so the difficulty factor of doing pull-ups with one hand will increase several times. This action is similar to pull-ups, but it is done with one hand.

  5. Pull-ups with both hands

  If the difficulty factor of one-handed pull-ups is too great, we can start with two-handed pull-ups. This movement can be regarded as the basic skill of the human body and can effectively help us exercise our back muscles and our arm muscles.

  Misunderstanding of human flag action

  1. Did you hold your chest when you did the action? If you hold the chest, the back muscles will not be able to exert strength, so it is naturally difficult to complete.

  2. Is the waist straight? If the waist is not straight, it will be difficult to stabilize the core, and naturally it cannot be completed.

  3. Is the grip distance between the hands too narrow? At the beginning, the grip distance can be as wide as possible.

  4. Do you kick the ground high enough? At least let your thighs be higher than your waist.

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