How to use the most standard and correct stair machine

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  As for the stair machine, I believe everyone is familiar with it. The stair machine is the same common machine as the treadmill, and both of these machines can allow people to exercise well indoors. As for how to use the stair machine, you may still have some unknowns. Next, let’s understand how to use the stair machine.

  How to use the stair machine

  The use of stair machine exercise is very simple, as long as you step on the pedal and alternate feet twice, the machine will automatically display. Then, input the resistance value according to the training purpose. If you just want to lose fat, you can adjust the resistance to 8-12. Keeping the time at 30-40 minutes will achieve a good fat reduction effect. Keep your heart rate between 130-140/min. If you want to improve your cardiopulmonary function, adjust the resistance to 6-8 and hold on for 20 minutes will have a good effect. Keep your heart rate between 100-120/min.

  The correct posture when exercising on the stair machine

  1. Grip the bar lightly

  When doing stair machine exercise, you can gently hold the handlebar with your hand. If you just need to keep your peace better, you can just touch the bar with your fingers.

  After getting used to the exercise of the stair machine, let go of your hands and let them hang down naturally on both sides of your body, not only can you strengthen your cardiopulmonary function, but also your body’s balance ability. Of course, this is to ensure that you can maintain your balance and not fall. It can only be done under the premise of falling.

  2. Keep your body upright

  Keep the body in a standing posture. You can lean forward a little bit, but you can’t bend your waist and back, and you can’t tilt your body left and right. The shoulders should be relaxed, and the abdomen should be tightened slightly.

  3. Keep the same step length

  When using the stair machine to exercise, make sure that the step length is consistent every time, and not too long or too short. A too long stride can easily cause damage to the muscles and joints of the legs, while a too short stride will reduce energy consumption and the exercise effect will be compromised.

  4. Put the whole foot on the pedal

  In the use of the stair machine, try to put all the soles of the feet on the pedals. If you pad the toes, the calf muscles will fatigue faster. And when the sole of the foot lands, it is best to use the tribal ground of the foot to cushion the impact on the leg.

  5. Adjust the appropriate slope

  When using the stair machine to exercise, you don’t need to increase the speed, just adjust the slope appropriately to increase the exercise effect. When you first start exercising, you can start to exercise from a smaller slope, such as 15 degrees, 16 degrees, and gradually increase the slope gradually.

  6. ​​Observe changes in heart rate

  When exercising, be sure to observe the changes in your heart rate at any time to keep your exercise in the aerobic zone for the best exercise effect. The formula for calculating the aerobic interval is as follows: aerobic heart rate = (220-age) × (60%-85%).

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