How to practice the middle seam of the pectoral muscles, I want a good-looking chest shape

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  Good-looking pectoral muscles can be seen as “full and stylish” in clothes, but most bodybuilders may appear weak in the middle seam. How to improve it?

  Our center seam does not look full at all. It must be that we did not pay attention to the training of the pectoral center seam during the training process. Although we spent a lot of effort training ordinary bench presses, ordinary push-ups and other pectoral exercises, they are indeed excellent exercises for pectoral muscle training. However, their stimulation of the center seam is limited. The following are some exercises that are often used to strengthen the center seam training (that is, the inner side of the pectoral muscles). Adding them to your pectoral muscle training plan can help improve the problem of insufficient center seams.

  1. Narrow bench press

  We know that the ordinary barbell bench press mainly trains the chest muscles, but because its grip is the same width as the shoulder width, it stimulates the inner side of the chest muscles, “there is more than enough but not enough”, so the grip distance needs to be narrowed. In addition, it can more effectively stimulate the inner side of the pectoral muscles. Narrow bench press can mainly stimulate the triceps brachii. Due to the narrowing of the grip distance, the center of gravity of the training chest muscles shifts from the middle of the chest muscles to the inside of the chest muscles. In addition to the above two muscle groups, you can actually train to the front of the deltoid muscle.

  Action steps:

  1. Use a narrow grip to hold the barbell;

  2. Slowly lower the barbell until it touches the chest;

  3. Push up the barbell until the elbows are tight.

  The elbows close to the side of the body focus on training the triceps, not the chest muscles. We are talking about the narrow range means that the grip distance of both hands is narrower than the shoulder. In order to maximize the work of the triceps, the movement needs to be completely stretched.

  Finally, the barbell bench press should not use excessive weight to avoid being injured, which is quite dangerous. The May Day holiday is over, the fitness is back, it’s time to take care of it!

  Second, the tensioner crosses the chest

  The chest cross of the rally is actually a variant of bird training. In the gym, the rally is also often used for bird training, so it is also called the rally to clamp the chest and the rally to fly. The anterior cross of the chest stretcher mainly exercises the lower pectoral muscles, and of course it can also stimulate the deltoid anterior bundle and triceps. In addition to the aforementioned muscles, it can also stimulate the pectoralis minor. In addition to fixing the scapula, the pectoralis minor can also be pulled forward.

  Action steps:

  1. Stand upright, hold the handle of the tensioner with both hands;

  2. Pull the handle down to one piece until the two hands are in contact with the waist and the elbows bend slightly;

  3. Return to the initial position slowly and in a controlled manner, with both hands flush with shoulders.

  During the training, the torso is straight or slightly bent forward, and the height of the contact between the hands determines the muscles to be stimulated. Use a low-trajectory training method, with hands crossed in front of the hip or waist, mainly for the lower edge of the chest muscles; cross hands on the chest, high-trajectory training, mainly for training at the midstitch of the chest muscles. If our training focuses on the middle seam of the pectoral muscles, then we must train in a high-trajectory way!

  Three, butterfly machine clip chest

  The butterfly machine clip chest is also called butterfly machine flying bird. It is mainly used to exercise and depict the depth of the pectoralis major muscle, so that the pectoralis major muscle looks fuller, and it can stimulate the deltoid muscle.

  Action steps:

  1. Sit on the fixed chair of the butterfly trainer, keep your upper body upright, chest tall, abdomen, and waist tight;

  2. The forearm with both hands should be tightly attached to the pad of the forearm resistance device, so that the forearm is perpendicular to the ground and the upper arm is parallel to the ground;

  3. Exhale while pinching the chest with both arms at the same time, try to keep the two resistance devices together for 2 seconds, and then inhale slowly to restore.

  When using the seated butterfly training machine, be careful to move slowly. Don’t use sudden force. Accidents may occur. Be sure to straighten your body without using external force, and use your pectoralis major muscle to exert force when you clamp inside. Keep the elbow joint back and outside during the movement, rather than down. The height of the stool should be appropriate, otherwise the position of the handle is too high, and the shoulder deltoid muscles will be exercised more.

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  4, diamond push-ups

  Diamond push-ups are also called narrow push-ups. It is mainly a change in the shape of the hands. The hands are no longer separated on the sides of the body, but close together, and the thumb and index finger of the left and right hands are in contact with each other to form a diamond shape (this should be the origin of its name). From the point of view of the training method, it is basically touching the hands together, so in fact it is a narrow training method, but the distance is very narrow. Then it is not difficult to know that it is mainly used to focus on training the inner side of the pectoral muscles (also known as the midstitch of the pectoral muscles). The practice of changing ordinary push-ups to diamond push-ups is usually very challenging. The simple version is to train diamond push-ups in a kneeling position. I call it kneeling diamond push-ups.

  Action steps:

  1. Support the ground with both hands, keep the palms of both hands as close as possible, and use your thumb and index finger to form a diamond-like diamond shape;

  2. Straighten your body, bend your arms and close your elbows close to both sides of your body, make your body fall straight until your shoulders and elbows are at the same level, and stay for a while;

  3. Hold the body straight up.

  The whole process must maintain abdomen and chest, keep the body straight, which is the same as all push-up requirements. In addition, after doing diamond push-ups, bend the elbows to the sides of the body.

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