How does the “Fifth Dime” training program land?

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  Many bodybuilders will ask: Which training method is the best? Many people will argue for or against a certain training method. But one thing we must know is that for weight training, everything is effective, but it will not always be effective. This means only making some changes to your existing training regimen (whether it is adding passive contractions, single maximum exercises, supergroups or other) at least for a certain period of time, about 6 to 8 weeks, Make new changes in your strength or muscles.

  By switching between two extremely effective training programs, the “fifths and a corner” training program will bring you more changes, allowing you to double the effect when using each program individually. The “five points” in the training plan comes from the 5×5 training method, and the “one corner” in the “five points and one corner” training plan comes from the 10×10 training method used in the plan.

  Combining these two practice-tested training methods into an up-to-date training plan can make your muscles grow rapidly. For most bodybuilders, the typical problem in their training is not the design of the training plan, but the inability to truly complete the continuous improvement plan. Their goal in entering the gym is just to be stronger than last time. But the “fifth and one corner” training method does not rely on hope to survive. It pushes your muscles to the limit by changing stimuli.

  The first transformation training is 5×5 training. Choose a sport to exercise each muscle group. Although you will use the second exercise to do 5 sets of 5 reps, it is much harder to achieve this goal in the second exercise than in the first exercise because the auxiliary muscles are already tired. .

  In the 5×5 training day, try to complete the same exercise 1 and exercise 2 in the same order, and complete the same exercise in the 10×10 training day. The third sport in the 5×5 training day and the second sport in the 10×10 training day should be isolated exercises and should change frequently. Before training the same muscle group again, give it a full 5-day rest period, and you may reach the 5×5 goal first. Add weight to your 5×5 training day again and continue to improve until you reach the 10×10 goal. Then change to another training plan, such as a single growth training plan, 5, 10, 20 training plan, inch training plan and so on.

  According to these basic principles, construct your “fifth and one corner” training plan for each major muscle group. Starting with the 5×5 training method, let it rest for 5 days before using the 10×10 training method to exercise the same muscle group again. After the 10×10 training program, rest for 5 days, and then return to the 5×5 training method. Follow this alternate method until you can complete 5 sets with 5×5 initial weight, 5 reps for each set, and 10 sets with your 10×10 initial weight, 10 reps per set.

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