How to do a better workout with double bar arm curls

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  The double bar arm curl is a very classic action, many fitness and military inside will use this action to fitness. Many people use double bar arm curls to challenge themselves, but they do it with difficulty in the process. Some people do it difficult may be some places to do it wrong.

  The 3 easy mistakes of the double bar arm extensions

  Mistake one

  We don’t know how to stimulate the chest, how to stimulate the three heads, what position you should use when you do it, and what position you need most. If you want to focus on your chest, the first thing you need to do is to put your hands on the bar and let your body come forward. The second point is to open your elbows outward and be aware of the chest stretch, and the third point is to keep your elbows pulled and supported to 3/4 of the range to engage the triple head less.

  Mistake two

  Many people only half of the movement is completed, and that will only have half of the effect. No matter what kind of bracing exercises you do, for the pectoral muscles or the three heads, the action must be done the whole time so that you can get the full effect of the action, so do it slowly and under control.

  Mistake three

  Many people will use this exercise to exercise the three heads, then I think the practice of three heads is not necessary to use the double bar, and tired effect is not as good as other movements, so if you if you are so, it is recommended to replace other exercises more for the three heads to train, so that the development of your better.

  Double bar arm curls how to do exercise better

  Doing this exercise we fine-tune the body position, you can focus the stimulation on the chest, such as we lean the body as far forward as possible, the elbows open a little, the magnitude of devolution is greater, so that we can stimulate the pectoralis major muscle more, especially the lower part. If we keep the body upright, elbows in some, the appropriate position of devolution, so as to prevent excessive pressure on the elbow, this position will be able to stimulate our three heads more, so we should be properly adjusted according to our needs, to find the right.

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