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  A perfectly blended protein shake or shake mix is the perfect addition to a gym workout and is not only a luxury, but also a looming necessity.

  It’s not a hand mixer, it’s an electric blender bottle, but not the type you use to mix a cocktail for your next protein shake or sports nutrition drink.

  These rechargeable handheld mixing cups are the perfect balance of good mixability and portability, ensuring you can add any powder to your favorite (cool) drink.

  The excellent mixing feature will ensure that all added powders are smoothly and completely mixed – no need to worry about clumps no longer dissolving in those drinks.

  Perfect for pre or post workouts.

  The VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker has a slightly larger capacity of up to 24 oz (700 ml). It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in two hours. A miniature Universal Serial Bus charging cable is provided. Another feature that makes it unique is the lighted base. A series of line lights arranged in concentric circles illuminate the container during mixing, adding style. These same lights can also be used as battery level indicators. The main container is made of drop-resistant Eastman Tritan material.