How to choose electric Protein Shaker Cup?

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  Every festival fat 3 catties, the arrival of the New Year can make the person is relaxed thoroughly, but although have a holiday also should remember not to oneself figure management is lax. Whether you’re working out in the summer or winter, make sure you stop to hydrate, or you can easily become dehydrated.

  It is particularly important to bring electric Shaker Mixer with you during exercise and fitness, but the water cup you carry with you should not be random. For different exercise methods, different Blender bottles are actually needed. So how to choose electric Protein Blender Bottle?

  Fitness is not only a healthy way of life, but also a social platform. If you want to maintain your image in the gym, in addition to good-looking gym clothes and sneakers, an Electric Blender Water bottle that fits your temperament will make you look more tasteful.

  First of all, electric protein Shaker bottle must have an outstanding appearance and fashion design. Some people carry mineral water bottles, which are often confused with other people’s mineral water.

  In addition, it is strong and anti-fall. When sports, it often bumps and bumps. Portable Electric Protein Shaker bottle is also hard to avoid falling, so it should be strong and durable. The most important thing is to be easy to carry, good airtight.

  Generally, the reasons for poor lid sealing are as follows:

  1. Unreasonable design of cup lid sealing water for protein Mixer Machine includes defects in engineering design, problems in mold development, and substandard production process.

  2. The lid and the body of the cup are deformed, causing the lid and the body of the cup not to match completely.

  3, provide sealing function of the silica gel ring deformation or aging, so that the sealing silica gel ring can not reach the sealing effect.

  4. The solution in the container is corrosive. If the solution in the cup has strong corrosion, it will also cause poor sealing of the lid.

  5. The environment can also cause poor sealing of the lid, but this situation rarely occurs, mainly because of the atmospheric pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cup.

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