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  In the best Portable Blender bottle material, only the electric Protein Shaker bottle made of plastic material contains BISphenol A. Many people should be aware of the harm of bisphenol A, which is also because of bisphenol A. Many people have a prejudice against the plastic Portable Electric Protein Shaker bottle, so is that really the case?

  Bisphenol A (BPA), is one of the most widely used industrial compounds in the world today, English abbreviation BPA. In the manufacture of plastic cup or adding bisphenol A is plastic products, you can make plastic products with preventing collision impact, lightweight, durable, colorless, transparent, etc. So the bisphenol A (BPA) widely used in common plastic products in the life.

  Data show that bisphenol A is A low-toxicity chemical substance, which will be released at high temperature and seriously affect human health. Long-term exposure to bisphenol A will cause cancer risk.

  So do all plastic Electric Protein Shaker Cups contain BPA? Not all plastic cups contain BPA. Currently, ONLY THE PC cup has been found to contain BPA. The ORIGINAL VORTEX Electric Protein Shaker, made of PP and Tritan, does not contain BPA. Be sure to pay attention to the texture of the Plastic Shaker bottle.