How to change physical disharmony? Just learn these few moves, let me tell you

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  In ordinary life and during fitness exercises, we may feel that our body coordination is not very good, usually there is no way to keep the center of gravity in one place, and at the same time, we will stagger when we start the action, not very focused. In fact, this is The reason for the poor balance of the body, the reason for this problem, one is that our muscles are not strong enough, and the other is that the balance of the body itself is not very good. Today, let me tell you a few actions to make your body better. The balance is improved.

  One, stretching exercise

  I believe everyone is familiar with this movement. In the usual warm-up exercises and exercises, everyone will perform this exercise. Stretching exercises. Actually, it’s very simple. Let the body stretch. We can choose to stand on the ground with one foot, and then move the left hand towards Extend the body facing straight forward, then lift one foot, let the foot stretch back, and grab the raised foot with the other hand.

  This movement is a basic movement in yoga, and it is also a good movement for practicing coordination and improving the balance of the body. We should try to keep the same weight on both sides of the body so that the foot can be balanced. Then make some adjustments on this basis. To do this action, we must hold our breath, breathe evenly and slowly, and must calm down to have the effect of practice.

  Second, stand and stretch backwards

  We don’t often do this movement. Generally, we do the standing lower body extension and stretching upwards, which has a very good practice effect on our body balance. First, we need to clasp our hands and make a fist, and then While the hands are growing upwards, bend downwards to make the basic movement of a standing sitting posture, but the difference is that the arms should be placed behind and extended upwards.

  When doing this action, the body presents two right angles. First, the arms and the back form a right angle, and the upper body and the legs form a right angle. When doing this action, you should do it slowly and don’t rely on inertia to complete it quickly. Everyone has different degrees of softness, so don’t force it. You can stretch slowly, step by step, and increase the frequency and degree of movement, which helps us to better stretch.

  Three, squat against the wall

  Many people think that squatting against the wall, why can they practice their body balance? In fact, this is a good exercise, because it can practice the muscles of our whole body, and it also has a very good exercise effect on the control of our body’s center of gravity. First of all, the basic exercise is to stand with your feet apart about shoulder width or even wider , And the distance between your feet and the wall is also a shoulder width, then the upper body makes a downward movement, and then the distance between your thighs and calves is about 90 degrees, and your back shoulders, cervical spine and head are all Lean against the wall.

  At the same time, raise both hands forward, make fists with both hands, and palms down. When doing this movement, it is worth noting that we must make the movement a standard. Don’t covet to hold on for a long time. You should hold on for a while after your legs are shaking. This is a normal phenomenon.

  Conclusion: There are many exercises that can be used to practice body balance. These three are only representative three. They are also very simple three movements that can be done at home. If you want to practice body balance, let your body When doing other movements, it is more coordinated. We can do more of this basic exercise. I believe that there will be improvement if we persist for a period of time!

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