Great blender bottles! I like twisted hats worn by children!

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  We bought this for the eldest son, he likes to drink a little protein shake every day to adapt to his activity level. This blender bottles are great. This is a screw cap that children can easily open and close. The grip of this sport is also very good, so it won’t slip. I have started to wash my hands, my other plastic utensils BC, and I have seen some seals damaged by the dishwasher. This blender bottles can only be washed by hand. The effect is very good! We have given up several times!

g fuel mix with shaker cup

  We use electrolyte drinks to mix, usually using the classic protein shaker bottle. We bought these for this design. Compared to the flap design, our 2-year-old child is more difficult to open. They look great and easy to clean. It’s like a rubber drop design. They will not leak, but if they do it the wrong way, there will be a few drops when they fly out and shake.

Great voltrx electric shaker bottle
Best shake bottle mixer!

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