Best shake bottle mixer!

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  I bought this because I knew I would use this instead of my old shake bottle mixer. I carry this everywhere because it reminds me to stay hydrated by increasing my water intake. I drink more water than usual, and I don’t drink soda and juice most of the time. I like to join my BCA when I exercise. The best shake bottle mixer, put your hands down. Of course I recommend this!

mixer bottle

  These are great swings. I use these for pre-exercise training or BCAA drinks. I use other electric shaker bottles as my protein, just to separate them. It’s really just a choice. I haven’t tried it with my protein shake. I have put these (Shaker Bottle and top cover) in a very high or very heavy top rack dishwasher and there is no problem with Shaker Bottle melting or warping.

Great blender bottles! I like twisted hats worn by children!
This is an amazing Shaker Bottle

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