Four basic recipes of cool shaker bottle

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  You can make delicious milkshakes without using an electric shaker bottle. Choose your taste characteristics, add ingredients to the shaker cup, shake the Vega shaker cup and enjoy. Don’t know how to stack vibrating cups correctly. Please follow the formula below and make sure to stack in order!

  Basic layer technology

  1. Ice

  2. Water, non-dairy beverages or 100% juice

  3. Your favorite Vega protein powder

  4. Water

  5. Ice

  Now that you know how to stack cups correctly, here are four different recipes for you to try.

  1. Low-key, a little sour

  Just add a little lemon juice to your Vega powder and selected liquids to get a rich flavor.

  2. Rich cream

  Add a spoonful of non-dairy yogurt substitute to thicken the mixture.

  3. Chocolate on the head

  Chocolate lovers, happy! Cocoa beans and cocoa powder make this taste like dessert.

  4. Tropical twist

  frozen fruit can add some delicious snacks to your milkshake.

  Raw materials

  low-key and a bit sour


  Your favorite Vega plant protein powder has a berry, natural, tropical or vanilla flavor

  sprinkle lemon juice (seasoning)


  rich cream

  a cup of non-dairy beverage

  Your favorite Vega plant protein powder has the flavor of chocolate, vanilla or berry

  a cup of non-milk yogurt

  a cup of non-dairy beverage

  overhead chocolate

  a cup of non-milk

  Your favorite chocolate flavored Vega plant protein powder

  1 tablespoon of cocoa beans

  1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

  a cup of non-milk

  tropical twist

  a cup of frozen mango (instead of ice)

  a glass of orange juice


  Your favorite Vega plant protein powder has vanilla, natural or tropical flavor

  a glass of orange juice


  a cup of frozen pineapple (instead of ice)

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