Feel free to buy VOLTRX blender bottles! Magic bottles, performance and design have been very well improved.

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  This electric shaker bottle is absolutely stunning and may be the only thing you need to buy. Now I realize that this is a novel vibrator, so its price may be more expensive than a cheap bottle, but when you consider its benefits, 15-20 dollars is really a trivial factor. As people who have used the electric protein shaker of the old blender, this new style is a revolutionary product for them. This is undoubtedly the best plastic milkshake I have owned or used here.


  Style-This may or may not be important to some people, but it is important to me. This is everything. There is Grogu (Yoda Baby) on this bottle, and there is an offer on it that you can even raise. He is floating with the force! I mean, please, guys, what do you think? In addition, the protein shaker bottle is transparent, so I can see the liquid and still clearly read the level is a bonus. Finally, the color on the lid is really popular. I like these two shades, not the old style, only the solid color and the white top of the lid. Plus style

  A bonus point for the design-some small things provided by the photos really contribute to the performance of the product.

  1. Side cutting-it allows you to firmly grasp the side of the bottle. These bottles are made of plastic. Wet or sweaty hands are easy to slip when touched, which helps a lot and is almost a non-factor.

  2. Round bottom-keeping the protein or smoothie content away from the bottom of the shaker is very helpful (a big problem with flat bottom shaker bottles). This design is also a big advantage for ShakeSphere, a competitor of Blender Bottles, even though their products have rounded tops and bottoms, which are completely non-sticky. I really think this product of the Blender bottle can challenge this, and solve the main problem, which is the garbage at the bottom of the bottle.

  3. Cover-There are two different things here. In my photo, it is subtle, but you can see that if you have an old bottle, it has a round flat spout, this product has a rounded edge and a slightly round spout, which helps Yu pours more smoothly and delicately, but it is still improved. When fully opened, the closing lever can be locked and snapped well to close and lock. This is a problem for me, because it is made of plastic, the locking mechanism may not be maintained for a long time, but so far there is no problem. There is a small rubber handle on the adjustable handle on the cover, which has a good hand feel, is not smooth, is safer to carry, and is flexible rather than fixed, which is helpful for better adjustment.

  In general, glass shaker bottles, for those who use ordinary old shaker bottles, are definitely available for purchase and are worth the money. The improvement to them is enough to make me justify the price. More protein shakes or smoothies than you need. The design style of “Star Wars” is great for me personally, because I am a big fan and I must own a Grogu shaker, but after I bought it I realized that this is a newly designed shake bottle mixer product. You can throw it away All your old shakers and this one, make sure you just bought the last one you might need. The only disadvantage for me is that it is not made of stainless steel, it is more durable and cleaner than plastic bottles, but as long as you are safe, you must clean the plastic shaker bottle after every use, which is a small problem.

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