Electric portable blender bottle is your intimate assistant

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  Protein shaker cup is always used in life. Stir protein powder, instant coffee, etc. The blender is inconvenient to carry, so many cups with mixing function appea. But after using for a period of time, you will find that these products bring convenience and new troubles. Not durable, there are too many dead corners of the mixing ball, the cleaning is not clean, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell.

  Vortex protein shaker farewell to the mixing ball, mixing wheel and mixing rod! Zero dead angle is easy to clean! Completely rely on ingenious mechanical design, shake the protein powder in 30 seconds! You can also beat soft fruits such as bananas, blueberries and cranberries into fruit puree, and then put them into a bottle and stir them with milk to make a fruit milkshake!

  Protein, vitamins, water and wonderful taste can’t be less, which can supplement the body with more nutrition. Make the whole person energetic.

  At the same time, you can shake out dense and lubricated milk bubbles with protein bottle shaker to make fancy coffee. You can make your favorite milkshakes at home with electric spray bottle. Making it yourself saves money and is healthy.

  The protein shaker bottle comes with a solid handle, which can be hung and lifted. It’s very convenient to carry.

  Smooth push cover, completely sealed, push open and drink. But it’s easy to charge with a USB charger. It is definitely easier than the traditional mixer, and the inward rotating vortex can better mix the powder. Very satisfied with the purchase. I’m glad I spent more money on the rechargeable model.

  The electric protein shaker bottle adopts a sealing design, and there will be no water spilling when shaking violently. There is a capacity scale on the inner wall to brew in proportion. The electric shaker bottle is quieter than a shake bottle with a spherical mixer, and the mixer motor can indeed be charged. I only put powder and nut paste in it. Ice or other hard or insoluble things are not recommended.

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Fitness people use protein shakers when drinking protein powder. Why are regular cups not recommended?

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