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Anyone who walks into a gym, group fitness class, or community park on a Saturday morning has seen a protein shaker or two. These bottles are small and quiet. They smoothly blend your favorite protein powder or pre-workout supplement with your favorite liquid to help you maintain proper energy before, during, and after your workout. Especially now that people pay more and more attention to physical fitness and exercise. Here, shaker bottles have become an integral part of life.

The concept of custom protein powder is actually quite simple, but for those who focus on replenishing energy before and after exercise, there are many different options. Some promise that your protein shake will stay cool for a long time, while others are drop-proof and practically indestructible. The important thing is whether the shaker can make the protein powder slippery without clumping, and ensure a good cleaning effect on the premise of ensuring the taste.

So before people buy a new shake bottle, consider the amount of exercise or protein shake you drink on a typical day. Most bottles range in size from 16 ounces to 24 ounces, but if you use a larger shake, you may need to upgrade. Many shaker companies do have larger sizes for this reason. In general, 24 ounces is perfect because of the size and hydration in one go.

Protein shake bottles are best for powdered and plant-based proteins. It should not be used to mix ice cubes or whole solid fruit. If you put ice cubes and fruit, it’s not a protein powder bottle, it’s a kitchen blender.

The protein shaker mixer comes with a micro USB cable, allowing you to charge the motor battery anytime, anywhere. So no need to shake by hand. Water stirred with this battery is also healthy to drink, giving you double the health benefits.

This is why more and more people are no longer content to shake the bottle by hand, but shake the bottle with electricity. The bottle needs an upgrade, and so does our life.

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