Are VOLTRX shakers for protein shakes good quality?

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  I couldn’t resist upgrading to this latest model. The first things I noticed were the colorful electric shaker and the new lid design – both are pretty cool. The Protein Blender bottle looks and feels like a very high quality blender. Shakers with stirrers are quieter than those with ball stirrers, and the stirrer motor does charge. I only put in powder and jam. Ice or other hard or insoluble things are not recommended.

  This bottle is a must! Good. Maybe it’s not “necessary”. But definitely the best shaker I’ve ever used. It only takes 10-15 seconds for a smooth, lump-free protein shake.

  I also take BCAA with me. The protein mixing bottle is more of a granular mix. I love that this shaker makes it easy to remix larger particles that inevitably sink to the bottom of the bottle.

  The quality of the electric mixer vibrating screen is not a problem. Maybe not the thickest plastic, but I totally disagree with another review that feels cheap.

  Super easy cleaning: Just add some water and a drop of detergent, turn on the blender, let the egg whites soak a little, then rinse. Completely correct!

  Only have experience with Blender shake flasks and must be done manually. This is good! After a workout, it’s super convenient to keep the protein blender bottle in my cup holder so I don’t have to worry about shaking the egg whites when I get home. Dissolving the powder completely is a lot better than using a traditional shaker (I also worked out in a protein blender bottle ahead of time).

  One advantage of the protein mixing bottle is that there is a pad on the bottom of the electric shaker, so if the protein mixing bottle does not include this contact, you won’t hear too much noise from the device. The protein mixer has an indicator light on the motor housing that lets you know if the protein mixer is charging (red) and when it is fully charged (green).

  It’s a pity that the beautiful electric shaker in the electric shaker is for powder. It only holds 1 teaspoon of protein powder that I use. I usually take 2 teaspoons after a workout, so I have to use a separate container for this. ​I definitely recommend this product. I’m so glad I bought a protein blender bottle. Is this a convenience item? Yes, can you live without a protein blender bottle? Yes, but I do think this product is worth it.

  I really like this plastic milkshake bottle. This is my fourth or fifth product. I use protein shake cups at least five times a week and buy one as a gift. Considering the small blender is thin plastic, the electric protein blender is durable, but I take great care when cleaning the protein blender bottle. I’ve been through some of them because some of them end up being distributed. I keep the electric shaker in my lunch bag every day.

VOLTRX electric shaker cup is portable and powerful
Why do people who like sports use vortex bottle shakers?

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