“Almost” perfect Voltrx electric blender bottle

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  The stirring effect of protein shaker electric is as good as or better than using a stirring ball. In order to make the electric paint shaker perfect, it would be nice if the flip can be opened further back. You will bump your forehead while drinking, so be sure to tilt your head far back. If you have had neck surgery or have other problems, it may be more troublesome. If necessary, I will buy an electric paint can shaker.

  The   protein bottle shaker is easy to clean without leakage. I dropped the bottle many times when I was at work, and it was still very new. Dissolve my protein, pre-exercise and fiber mixture in a few seconds. I have 0 complaints about this bottle. Start using it as soon as you get it. It’s already my favorite thing. All the negative comments I have seen about its leaks and incorrect mixing are wrong.

  I really like the vibrator that is rarely seen in Japan.

  The protein shaker bottle is very easy to use, and I often carry it for training.

  I want to buy a voltrx glass shaker bottle next time

The voltrx protein shaker is a great product! Durable and excellent value for money.
Voltrx shake mixer bottle worth buying

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