9 effective back training exercises

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  Many people focus on exercising the muscles of the arms, chest, buttocks, and legs in the gym, but often ignore the back, which also has an important visual impact on body shape.

  Because we cannot see the back in the mirror, we usually ignore this muscle. In fact, a stronger back can bring beautiful lines and contours to create an ideal physique.

  Not only that, in addition to the pleasant back line, think about how many young people suffer from cervical spondylosis due to prolonged sitting.

  Strong back muscles are also necessary for maintaining good health and correct posture. For people who want to exercise other upper limb muscles, a strong back can provide an ideal foundation for compound weightlifting.

  In today’s article, we have compiled a series of the most effective exercises to help you reach the V shape. More importantly, it doesn’t matter where you live. These actions can be done in your own home.

  upper back exercise

  Rowing with a resistance band

  Place the resistance band horizontally on the floor, step on it with your feet, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the ends of the resistance band and stand up straight.

  Relax the knees, and tilt any position between 90 degrees and 45 degrees from the hip as the starting position.

  Tighten the shoulder blades, open the chest, then pull the elbows back toward the torso, and then forcefully contract at the top. Slowly return to the starting position to complete an action.

  3 to 4 sets, 15 to 20 reps in each set, depending on the strength of the resistance band.

  This action uses the least equipment to practice the back at home, which can exercise the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles well. You can also try to rotate your hands internally, externally, or neutrally. The wider the distance between the foot and the stronger the resistance band, the more difficult it is to exercise.

  Non-finish straight

  Get down and straighten your arms. Grasp the two ends of the t-shirt or towel with both hands and pull it apart, as if you are going to break it;

  Tighten the hips and core, and clamp the shoulder blades. The chin and chest should be a few inches above the ground.

  Keeping tension, slowly pull the t-shirt or towel to the chest position, and then return to the stretched position to complete the action.

  3-4 groups, 12-15 times per group.

  Back stretching is an alternative to the gym’s back muscle pulling down equipment. The goal is to exercise the outside of the latissimus dorsi when contracting and the inside of the latissimus dorsi when stretching. It is important to maintain a constant state of tension in order to effectively exercise the muscles of the corresponding parts.

  betrayer rowing

  Push-ups are ready, but put your feet on a raised platform (such as a sofa or chair).

  Support the core to keep the body straight, and pull one hand to the body at a time. Tighten from the top.

  Place the arm back to the pressing position and repeat on the other side.

  Repeat 15 times for each group in 3 groups.

  This stroke is a full-body burner, which can train the lower part of the latissimus dorsi, but also exercise the shoulders, chest, triceps and core muscles well. Increase the number of repetitions and gradually increase the difficulty of exercise. Superman Rowing

  Lie flat, holding the ends of the resistance band with both hands. Before stretching, lock your arms into a V shape and keep them tight. Your hands should be wider than shoulders.

  Keep your head and chest a few inches off the ground, straighten your legs, tighten your hips, and keep them on the floor.

  Clamp the shoulder blades and pull the resistance band to the back of the neck. Try to tighten and return to the extended position.

  3-4 groups, 15-20 times per group.

  resistance band may increase the difficulty of this action. It may be difficult to complete the movement at first, but it can effectively exercise muscles. Combining this action with paddling and back stretching can exercise your back very effectively.

  surface tension of resistance band

  Wrap the resistance band around the tree (or similar object), parallel to the head position. Hold the end of the resistance band with both hands, and then step back until the strap is tightened and your arms stretched.

  The height of the elbow joint is the same as the face. Open your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades. While maintaining the height of your elbows, pull the shoulder straps to the sides of your jaw.

  Slowly extend the arm back to the starting position to complete the action.

  Perform three sets of 20 repetitions.

  This action is very useful for the upper back area (including the posterior deltoid and trapezius muscles). Keeping the core tight and controlling the entire movement can really give full play to the effect.

  next exercise

  Superman style

  Lie flat, arms extended forward, about shoulder width. Straighten your legs, straighten your insteps, and keep behind you in the same way, keeping your shoulders away from the ground.

  Tighten the hips, shrink the shoulders, and lift the legs and hands off the floor. Relax and let them return to the starting position.

  Perform three sets of 25 repetitions.

  This exercise exercises the upper and middle back areas including the spine stabilizer. Superman is also a very effective core exercise. You can try to repeat it several times, or you can keep still and time like a tablet stand, so you can use your creativity!

motorized blender bottle

  Hard inquiry (a method of credit inquiry)

  Find a suitable bag. Backpacks or suitcases are fine.

  Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your legs and hips, and hold the bag firmly. Make sure your back is straight to avoid injury.

  Tighten the hips, stand up, and lift the bag. You should pay attention to using the strength of the legs instead of the back to control the movement.

  Carefully place the bag on the floor and complete the action.

  Complete 6 sets, 15-20 times per set, depending on the weight of the bag.

  This action is a deformation of the traditional deadlift, which is convenient for home exercise and can exercise all the main parts of the body, including the back, core and leg muscles. You can put something in the bag to increase the weight.


  Lie flat, put your arms straight in front of you, in a V shape.

  Tighten the core, keep the whole body tense, and retract the elbows back to the hip position. Open your chest and bend your middle back so that it can lift the ground.

  retract the arm to the limit of the hip position, and then return to the starting position

  Do three sets of 20-30 second repetitions. This home exercise is a wide range of exercises that can strengthen the core and lower back. It can be combined with back stretching to effectively exercise the upper and lower back.

  hip bridge

  Lie flat, knees bent, feet flat on the ground, arms at your sides, palms on the floor to support.

  Straighten your back, push your heels, and raise your hips off the ground. Tighten the top of the hips.

  slowly return to the starting position.

  Complete 4 sets, 8 reps for each set.

  The hip bridge effectively moves to the back waist by its own weight. It is more difficult to use only one leg at a time. Try to contract your hips and exercise your muscles as much as possible.

  The home exercises we introduced above allow you to create a perfect back without going to the gym. You can exercise various parts of your back with various movements. Knowing the basic movements, you can be creative and practice with equipment that we don’t usually think of.

  In addition, when exercising at home, as we said before, most people ignore back training, so it’s best to make more variations and create a well-shaped back.

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