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I hope to buy a whirlpool electric protein shaker bottle soon. I use a mixing bottle with my favorite protein powder. For soy isopropyl alcohol based powders, the old mixer worked fine, although it leaked a little. Then bought fuel for a 2.5+ hour enduro and it was almost impossible to mix. I have to heat water, use an Oster blender bottle, etc. Then I stumbled across this portable electric mixer and never looked back.

It blends difficult-to-mix fuels easily and doesn’t require warm water or a blender. The shaker cup is leak-free, easy to clean, and fits into the cup holder. I also love this color (coral)!

I’ve never used a shaker bottle before, so I tried this Voltrx Premium Electric Protein Shaker for its size and price. I read the previous comment about the lid leaking, so I make sure the lid and lid are closed before shaking. As long as the cap is closed (I hear two clicks) and I tighten the cap properly, I have no leaks. If I rush through the process, I always miss something and end up with the droplets flying off the lid during the mixing process.

The arc of the bottom of the bottle matches the metal stirring ball better, and I have no unmixed protein powder in the bottom of the bottle. I have noticed that when I shake it sideways, for example, when I use the shaker to mix a cocktail, I reduce the powder that sticks to the side of the bottle. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I bought a battery powered protein shaker from Marshall to replace my other protein shakers.

Unlike my old vibrator, it didn’t have a rubber O-ring on the lid. Some people think it’s negative, but it’s actually positive. Without O-rings, there are no moving parts that could get dirty, rot, deformed or lost.

This vibrator provides a perfect seal. No matter how I shake it, the small electric mixing bottle is 100% leak-proof. The lid snaps shut with a confident click.

The vibrating screen is malleable and easy to clean. Arc plastic doesn’t retain any odor (as long as you wash it, don’t leave it overnight).

The price of GNC battery cars has really not improved. Now I can enjoy silky smoothies again without any spillage.

I personally use the seasoning bottle as a water bottle. Been using this Mixer electric shaker for a few weeks now and it works great. Just open the lid and don’t worry about falling off, especially when driving. It’s easy to snap the lid into place and has a handle to hold it. Portable protein bottles are easy to clean.

My only small issue is that the part that shows the volume is not indented like it is now, making it easy to wash and scrub my whole hand in the bottle.

Such a good protein shaker, have you ever used it?
How to solve the problem of electric shaker bottle smelling?

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