Why use a protein shaker in fitness?

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Many people who are not familiar with VOLTRX protein shake bottles do not know how to use them. Now, I, the shaker bottle expert, will show you the right way to open a cool shaker bottle. Well, actually, shakers are pretty simple to use.

Step 1: Fill the Electric Paint Can Shaker with your desired liquid (water or milk)

Step 2: Add protein powder and/or any other supplements.

Step 3: Fix the electric cover of the protein shaker.

Step 4: Press the button.

Thirty seconds later, it was time to witness the miracle.

It was also the coolest thing the kids saw this week. They always looked at me with an electric vibrator, not an electronic cordless container blender like a bottle. I use it for my powdered drinks like coconut flour. Surprisingly, the swirl blends very well and is very fast. Easy to use and very easy to clean. I hope it mixes with ice and makes a perfect portable container.

It does what it’s supposed to do to keep the kids happy. Especially at night, when they operate on their own, just to see the beautiful lights, time and time again, it’s not just a shaken bottle, it’s their new toy. very good.

This mixing bottle is great. I didn’t follow the directions when it first arrived. I just poured everything in and mixed, but it didn’t work out well. However, after I read the instructions and used it as intended. good result. I have fully charged before use. Very good.

My morning drink mixes well. Mixed exercises to eliminate all small particles. The milkshake tasted very bland. The cup itself is well made and of high quality. Charging is still good. It has been used about 8 times and does not need to be charged. I am very satisfied with this protein shake bottle!

I like to collect all kinds of protein powder in a mixing bottle, just like some people like money and some people like antiques. Collecting these vibrators makes me so happy. I bought two different colors. This is one of my favorite protein blenders.

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