Why do bodybuilders need to supplement protein? It works beyond your imagination

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  I often hear some fitness professionals discuss how much protein powder to eat every day. Mai Mai is particularly curious: Is it possible that their beautiful tendon meat cannot be maintained without protein powder?

  With such a question, Mai Mai began a journey of exploring protein…

  ▼ Common people’s demand for protein

  Protein is the material basis of life, and every cell and all important components in the body need the participation of protein. Protein is rich in a variety of amino acids and is an essential nutrient for the human body. Adults need to consume about 50-65g of protein per day to ensure the balance of body needs (refer to “Chinese Residents Dietary Guidelines”).

  ▼ Bodybuilders’ demand for protein

  Since the muscles are stretched and torn during exercise, bodybuilders need a large amount of protein in the process of muscle restoration, otherwise it is not conducive to muscle recovery and growth. Therefore, general protein supplementation is carried out after fitness. In this process, protein can bring the following benefits:

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  1. Increase muscle content

  You should add more protein 20 minutes after working out, because this is the golden period of muscle growth. Eating protein-rich foods at this time can help muscle build and make your muscles grow better and more stylish.

  2. Improve the body’s power source

  Exercise makes us consume a lot of energy. At this time, the body needs to supply energy to get power. As basic energy, protein can be quickly digested and absorbed to provide power to the body. Only when the body has ample power source can it perform better in sports.

  3. Help us lose weight

  Why does protein supplementation benefit weight loss? Because protein can supply energy to the body and provide a source for total energy consumption, this reduces the intake of carbon water and sugars, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss. Therefore, regular consumption of protein is helpful to weight loss.

  ▼ What are the effects of excessive protein

  For those who do not exercise, one egg or milk is enough every day. If you consume too much protein every day, the protein will be preserved as energy, which will make people fat like fat; at the same time, the excess protein will be metabolized, which will increase the burden on the kidneys and is not good for health.

  ▼ The impact of lack of protein

  Protein deficiency is usually accompanied by energy deficiency. They are like twin brothers. Medically, this complication is called protein-energy malnutrition. The typical symptoms are poor growth and development in children, and weight loss in adults. It has two manifestations, one is the patient’s skinny body, the other is abdominal swelling and skin rash (also known as Kwasiok disease), both forms can appear on the patient at the same time.

  ▼ What are the foods rich in protein

  Protein is divided into animal protein and plant protein according to the source. Common foods rich in animal protein include: fish, meat, eggs, and milk; plant protein includes: cereals, beans, potatoes, etc.

  Based on the above information, we can know: Protein plays an important role in fitness! It can supply energy to the body and improve its motivation; at the same time, it can help repair muscles and make them fuller and more stylish. Insufficient protein intake or excessive supplementation is not good for the body. Fitness babies, you can use snacks for diet~

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