Which is better, exercise bike or treadmill, which is more effective

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  Everyone should know that exercise bikes and treadmills are very good equipment, which can not only exercise, but also keep the body better. Exercise bikes and treadmills are often used in our daily life and training. So do you know which one is better, an exercise bike or a treadmill? Let’s take a look together next!

  1. Exercise effect

  The exercise effects of the two have something in common and different. Treadmills are aerobic fitness equipment that can do full-body exercises. When exercising, they can exercise different parts of the body. In general, exercise bikes are aimed at more leg muscle groups.

  2. Difference

  There is also the difference in kinetic energy. The exercise function of the exercise bike is more abundant than that of the treadmill. In addition to the built-in training program, it can also automatically adjust the designed program, and even realize the functions of user customization, music, and road scenes. However, the treadmill has fewer functions, and the horizontal exercise bike is a good choice for knee injuries or bad knee joints.

  If you say that at the same time and the same exercise intensity, after data sorting, it is concluded that the calorie consumption of the two fitness equipment is roughly the same, that is, the difference is a few thousand calories. Should we choose a treadmill or an exercise bike? The suggestion here is: the treadmill is suitable for friends with relatively better physical fitness, and the joints of all parts of the body are normal (especially the knee and ankle joints), because although the treadmill is a soft running board, it still has a greater impact, but It is still not to be ignored. It can be said that treadmills have a certain degree of danger; while exercise bikes are relatively safer, especially suitable for friends who are heavier, have damaged joints, or have not exercised for a long time!

  In short, when choosing fitness equipment, you should choose the equipment that suits you in terms of comfort, operability, and convenience. As long as you take regular aerobic exercises, your heart will definitely be healthier, your body’s excess water metabolism will be better, and it can consume body sugar and reduce fat, and it can also produce physical therapy effects to improve the “three highs” and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. And diseases such as lumbar spine, help your health in all directions!

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