Which brand of protein powder is cheap and cost-effective?

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  Because of work, I will come into contact with many health products, especially sports nutrition products. It is said that fitness is to practice for three minutes and eat for seven minutes, so for friends who really want to pursue the perfect body, in addition to strengthening training, daily use of fitness supplements is essential.

  Protein powder is the most common supplement. Interviewees mentioned several common protein powder brands, such as MP, on, and ALLMAX. But for oral supplements, multi-dimensional considerations are required when choosing.

  1. What to consider when choosing protein powder

  When choosing protein powder products,    Fitness Party generally cares about two criteria: taste and effect. If you have to add another one, it’s definitely a good deal.

  seems very complicated. The “flavor” and “effect” mentioned above roughly refer to “word” and “fang”. As for “high cost performance”, it means spending the least money to buy the products with the highest scores on each detailed indicator.

  2. How to judge the quality of protein powder

  As an ordinary consumer, I suggest paying attention to a few of them.

  For example, in terms of “character”, priority can be given to solubility and taste.

  Solubility: The solubility of high-quality protein powder is not bad. As an ordinary consumer, after mixing the powder with water at room temperature, shake or stir it for several times, and you will not see obvious undissolved particles. If you shake the cup for more than 30 seconds and find a lot of clots in the cup, the solubility is obviously not good.

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  Taste: Most people can feel the smoothness and taste of the liquid when they drink it to judge whether it tastes good or not. If the overall taste is smooth and delicious, there is no obvious residue in the mouth, no obvious “throat burning/pruritus”, no thirst, etc. So it can be said to be a high-quality protein powder.

  Generally, the dimension of “taste” is also the most intuitive point for ordinary consumers. But unlike solubility, the taste can be judged by an intuitive standard, but it should be based on different opinions, so you can choose the product you like.

  3. Recommended

  According to the above criteria, after evaluating many brands of protein powder, my personal favorite protein powder before is ALLMAX, because it gives me the best experience in “mouthfeel”. After all, it is something that is often eaten, and other indicators are not as strong as “taste”. But then I found a better taste experience than ALLMAX, FITNESS LABS, the Chinese name seems to be Muscle Magic Lab.

  To briefly introduce, FITNESS LABS is a product of the American Lindbergh Nutrition Family, which has done a very good job in product formulation research and development, factory production and other links. His family has a protein powder whey fit protein, I think both the formula and the properties are very good. In my mind, this product is rated no lower than ALLMAX, ON and other brands, and it is definitely a product with high cost performance.

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