Where is the position of leaning over the birds to exercise

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  In the exercise action, leaning over the bird is a very good action, and a person who often does the leaning bird is good for the human body, but if you want to do the leaning bird, there are some particulars, but many people I don’t know where to lean over the bird to exercise. So, where does the leaning bird exercise? Let’s take a look at where to exercise.

  Where can I lean over the bird to exercise?

  This exercise is actually the most important part of the exercise, which is our deltoid muscle back bundle, and everyone knows that the deltoid muscle back bundle, although it looks like an unobtrusive muscle, it greatly affects the beauty of our shoulders. . Generally speaking, the training of the deltoid muscle is very difficult. Once the shape is fixed, it is very difficult to change, and its angle range is also very small, so it is easy to be confused with the trapezius muscle. Therefore, we must remember Staying, leaning over the bird to exercise is the deltoid back beam.

  leaning over asuka action essentials

  1. Starting posture: Stand with your feet apart and shoulder width apart, with your palms facing the target exercise site: the back deltoid and upper back muscles. Holding dumbbells, bend your upper body forward to parallel to the ground, and bend your legs slightly so that your lower back does not feel tight.

  2. Action essentials: lift the bell with both hands to both sides until the upper arm is parallel to the back (or slightly over), stop for a while, then lower the dumbbell to restore. Do it again. To lift the elbow, you must first lift and expand the two elbows to start; if you lift the elbow and wrist slightly while holding the bell to the sides, you will feel that you can get better deltoid muscles. Contraction, shoulder control, and both shoulders exert force to control the lift; swing the wrist, following the movement of the shoulders and elbows, swing the wrist to the side to make a large lift. The three joints of the shoulder, elbow and wrist should be stretched and contracted, straight and bent, and stretched and retracted, and the strength is contained. During the whole movement, the mind should be focused on the muscle group that the target contracted, and don’t take advantage of the force. Inhale when you open your arms and exhale when you close your arms.

  Leaning Asuka Precautions

  1. It is not easy to grasp the essentials in a leaning posture, so choose a small weight first.

  2. Pay attention to steady movements in the dynamic, and cannot use the power of the swing arm to complete the movement.

  3. Minimize the swing of the waist and concentrate on the back.

  4. When the load increases to a certain level, the waist will feel overburdened.

  5. To ensure safety, keep increasing the load as planned to prevent lumbar muscle strain.

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