What kinds of protein shake mixer materials are there?

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  When shopping for plastic Miixr Electric Shaker bottles in everyday life, consumers will find that some plastic Electric Blender Shaker bottles give the impression that the walls of the drinking glass are thin, while others give the impression of thick walls. Why is this happening? There are several reasons.

  First of all, plastic cups with different wall thicknesses can be produced through process adjustment. For example, the wall thickness of the same Voltrx Electric Shaker bottle is set differently during mold opening, which will result in different thicknesses in post-production.

  Secondly, according to the requirements of the product structure, the bottle structure of some portable electric mixers requires that the wall thickness of the water cup must meet the design requirements in order to achieve technical functions, so the wall thickness will be specially designed in the design. Design and process according to different processes.

  For example, under the condition of structural coordination and equipment production license, the blow molding machine can use equipment with higher pressure to produce thick-walled cups. If the processing of the blow molding machine still cannot meet the production requirements of the product wall thickness, injection molding can be used if conditions permit. This will result in a thick-walled protein shake mixing bottle.

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