What is the best exercise for back muscles

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  There are actually many ways to train a person’s back muscles, and in these methods, the training effect of each method is good or bad. Of course, to train the back muscles, you can use one-arm dumbbell rowing, back-grip chest pull-down, The four exercises of single-arm stretcher rowing and prone side lift are used to train the back. So, what is the best exercise for back muscles? Take a look.

  1. One-arm dumbbell rowing

  Preparation posture: Press the left knee and left hand on the bench, the upper body is parallel to the ground, hold the dumbbell with the right hand, and straighten the right arm. Look up, bow your back slightly.

  Exercise: Pull up the dumbbells and bend the elbows until the wrists are just below the waist, palms facing inwards. Stop at the highest point for about 2 seconds, then slowly straighten your arms to restore, tighten your back. When you straighten your arm, rotate your right hand with your thumb inward to fully extend the latissimus dorsi.

  2. Reverse grip and pull down

  Preparation posture: Sitting position, feet on the ground, adjust the rubber roller to press the knee to keep the knee stable. Hold the bar with your palms inward, with your hands at the same shoulder width apart.

  Exercise: Pull down the bar from the extended position to the chest, tighten the back muscles, and close the elbows to the body. Slightly arch your back, raise your chest, raise your chin, and keep your abdomen and lower back tense. When the horizontal bar is pulled down to the upper part of the chest, the shoulder blades on both sides are folded and clamped to squeeze the latissimus dorsi. Use the tension of the back muscles to control the horizontal bar to pull down forcefully for about 2 seconds, and then control to restore the horizontal bar to reach the highest point of extension When you straighten your arms, stop for about 2 seconds. Each exercise should feel full extension of the arms and stretch of the latissimus dorsi.

  3. One-arm rally rowing

  Preparation posture: Use a high pulley puller, grasp the handle with the palm of your right hand inward, kneel with your right knee, and bend your left leg for support.

  Exercise: Pull the handle down to the chest, keeping the elbows away from the body. Rotate your right hand toward your body while pulling down. In the fully contracted position, use the tension of the latissimus dorsi to control the pull handle for 2 seconds, and then slowly restore the pull handle.

  4. Stand prone and side lift

  Preparation posture: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand shoulder-width apart with both feet, knees slightly bent, and bend forward so that the torso is basically parallel to the ground, the arms are naturally drooping, and the palms of the hands are facing each other.

  Exercise: Lift the dumbbell by contracting the deltoid muscle, keeping the elbow slightly bent, and avoid lifting the torso when lifting the dumbbell. When the upper arm side is raised to the shoulder level, pause for about 2 seconds, and then control the dumbbell reduction.

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