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  White milkshakes are usually purchased in the form of a mixture of powder and water. Like all powdered beverages, protein shakes need to be mixed very thoroughly to ensure a perfect drink.

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  Whey is the most commonly used base in protein beverage powders. Whey contains nine essential amino acids, which help to repair damaged muscles and at the same time promote muscle growth and fat loss.

  In the manufacture of cheese, milk is used to separate from whey. The curd is converted into cheese, and the whey is the liquid remaining in the water.

  Custard can also be made into protein shakes. Pea protein shakes are a good substitute for vegetarians.

  The market is full of harmful powder. This can cause confusion, but in essence, there are three main types of protein shaking: concentration, hydrolysis, and separation.

  Concentrate is usually the cheapest-it usually contains 70%-80% protein. The remaining percentages include carbohydrates, minerals, fats and water.

  Hydrolysate is a protein used by serious athletes and is the most expensive of the three main types. It is effectively pre-digested, which means it has an ultra-fast absorption rate.

  The allergen content of these isolates is very low, so it is recommended to patients who are lactose impatient. It contains high levels of protein.

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  The recommended muscle exercise protein consumption rate is 0.0015 pounds per pound per day.

  How to mix protein shakes?

  Of course, please follow the instructions on the package. However, here are some tips for you to shake completely and smoothly-

  Be sure to use the recommended water. The most common recipe is to mix one tablespoon of powder with 8 ounces of water.

  Pour the powder into the mixing bottle. If the powder is placed in front of the liquid, it will clump and stick to the bottom of the bottle.

  Stirring does not eliminate quality, it is best to shake quickly. It is recommended that you shake for at least 30 seconds. Check for lumps before drinking.

  You can add ice cubes, fruit or oatmeal to the drink to increase nutrition.

  You can add some protein powder products to soups, sauces or hot drinks. Check the label to make sure it is suitable for heating.

  So, which one is the best mixer for protein shakes?

  All these protein shake mixers have many popular places. The charging unit is convenient for making super fluffy drinks, but we decided to change our job.

  Our favorite blender is the manual electric shaker bottle. We believe that the 16-ounce portable electric shaker bottle is the most versatile mixing bottle, capable of mixing fruits and vegetables, and using the strongest stirrer. The manual operation is very satisfactory and can effectively mix protein powder and smoothies. Cleaning is very simple. After cleaning, you can put it on the drying rack.

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