What are the home abdominal exercises?

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  We all know that regular exercise is very good for the human body, and after exercise, it has the benefits of enhancing physical fitness and shaping the body. How to exercise the abdomen, you can exercise the abdomen by supporting the left and right legs, passing the ball on the back and other methods. So, what are the actions of abdomen exercise at home? Let’s take a look at the actions together!

  Support left and right swing legs

  1. Support left and right swing legs

  Bend over, with both arms directly under the shoulders, supporting the body, slightly bend the elbows, and straighten the legs back.

  The back is straight and the body is in a straight line from head to toe.

  Keep the body stable and swing a leg to the side to the point of the toes, then restore and switch sides.

  2. Supine pass

  Lie on your back, put your upper body close to the ground, raise your arms, clamp your feet on the yoga ball, and lift your feet off the ground.

  Lift up the legs with the force of the abdomen, and at the same time move the arms forward to catch the yoga ball.

  Then, the legs are restored (do not touch the ground when restoring), hold the yoga ball in both hands and lift it above the head.

  Then, get up in the same way and pass the ball to both feet.

  3. Lie on your back and straighten your belly

  Lie on your back, with your legs bent, knees and feet on the ground, your upper body is close to the ground, and your hands are next to your ears.

  Get up with the force of the abdomen. When you get up, the shoulders, upper back, and lower back are lifted off the ground in turn.

  The apex keeps the body stable, and alternately punches each side with both arms.

  Then the lower back, upper back, and shoulders are restored in turn.

  4. Yoga ball bends knees and abdomen

  Bend over, with both arms directly under the shoulders, slightly bent elbows, legs straightened back, and calves pressed against the yoga ball.

  Apply abdominal force, bend the knees forward with both arms, and at the same time drive the yoga ball to roll forward.

  After the apex stops for a while, slowly restores.

  5. Supine windmill

  Lie on your back, with your upper body close to the ground, arms open at your sides, legs together and feet off the ground.

  Apply force to the abdomen, lift both legs up, and turn to the side of the body.

  Stop for a while at the apex, then raise your legs and turn to the other side of your body.

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