What are the effects and side effects of Nitrogen Pump?

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  The effects of nitrogen pump.

  1、Increase pumping sensation, improve congestion effect and dilate blood vessels.

  2、Increase attention bai force concentration.

  3, improve mood (resistance to training slack).

  4、Increase muscle capacity.

  5, anti-fatigue, anti-muscle soreness.

  6, other: reduce fat, increase testosterone secretion, etc.

  Side effects of nitrogen pump.

  Nitrogen pump contains creatine, long-term experiments have proved that if long-term within a safe amount of creatine (10 months ~ 5 years), has not been found to have an impact on kidney function. While individuals may experience nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, headache or a certain degree of muscle cramps, such people can supplement creatine in small amounts, each time the amount can be reduced.

  In addition, because the nitrogen pump is rich in arginine, it will produce urea, so you should drink more water to make urea eliminated in time. Otherwise, the concentration of urea is too high, and the burden on the kidneys will increase.

  A very important point to note is that: heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, pregnant women, for special physical conditions, it is not recommended to ingest nitrogen pump, any factors that can cause the body metabolism, blood pressure flow faster should be avoided.

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