What are the best ways to strengthen arm muscles

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  What are the best ways to strengthen arm muscles? Strong arms are a problem for many people, so training arm muscles is the purpose of many people to lose weight, so how to practice arm muscles? The following editor introduces you.

  The best way to strengthen arm muscles

  1. Get up in the morning 3 sets of push-ups, a set of 20. Before I do it, I usually do warm-up exercises, stretch my arms, press my legs, and twist my waist to prevent sports injuries.

  2. If you wake up early, you will not be in a hurry to go to work. Let’s have another set of 20 standing dumbbells with alternating curls. Keep standing on the body, holding a dumbbell in each hand and bending the forearms alternately on both sides. This is very helpful for exercising the biceps femoris and forearm flexors and extensors.

  3. Push-ups and hammer curls. Hold a pair of dumbbells with palms facing each other, and put your body in the starting position of push-ups. Keeping this position, curl the dumbbell with your right hand to the shoulder position. Lower the dumbbells to the starting position, and perform curls with the left and right hands alternately. A group of 30 to 60 seconds, each group must increase the weight, but must not use explosive force. The training effect of this action on the abdominal muscles is also top-notch.

  4. Kneeling posture with one-arm curls. Kneel on the floor. Bend the dumbbells upwards and rotate your wrists outwards. When the dumbbells are raised to the front of your shoulders, your palms are facing back. Do it with the right hand 3 times and then do it 3 times with the left hand, alternating left and right for 5 minutes. If you can loop 10 times in a row, that is 30 times on each side, add some weight.

  5. The arrow is strong. Stand naturally, jump slightly upwards, spread out your legs in a lunge (in front of the left leg, behind the right leg), and at the same time, turn the dumbbells up to the shoulders. Return to the starting position and repeat (in front of the right leg, behind the left leg). Do it 10 times, or do it continuously for 20 seconds. When you feel exhausted, switch to dumbbell lunges and do 4 minutes at a faster pace. Rest for 10 seconds between groups and do a total of 8 groups.

  6. Jack jump hammer curl with elastic belt. Stand naturally, step on your feet, and hold the loop-shaped elastic band with your palms. While jumping with your legs split to both sides, curl the elastic band with your hands upwards. When the legs jump back to the starting position, the hands also return to the natural drooping position. Each group completed 10 times within 20 seconds, and a total of 8 groups were done, with 10 seconds rest between groups.

  7. Squat concentrated curls. Squat until the thighs are parallel to the ground, hold 5-10 kg dumbbells in both hands and sag naturally, with the elbow joints on the inner thighs, palms facing each other. Curl the dumbbells to the front and back of the chest to maintain this position, then curl the dumbbells with both hands for 30 to 60 seconds. If you switch to single-arm curls, you can increase your body’s instability and exercise your core muscles.

  8. Hold the wrist curl. Hold the barbell with both hands (palms facing down), shoulder-width apart, and upper arms close to your side. Curl up the barbell, lift it to the limit and slowly lower it to restore. During the action, the forearm muscles always maintain a state of tension and exertion. Mainly exercise the forearm extensor muscles and the outer upper arm muscles.

  9. Reverse grip wrist curl. Sit at the end of the stool, hold the barbell with your palms up, shoulder-width apart, put your forearms on your enlarged legs, and relax your wrists. Bend the barbell upward until it can no longer bend. Then relax and restore. This movement can be done with forearms on a flat bench, or with dumbbells in one hand. Mainly exercise the forearm flexor group.

  10. Hand internal rotation curl. Sitting in a sitting position, hold one end of a dumbbell (or dumbbell) in one hand and support it with the other. Do the internal movement of the hand. It can increase the weight quickly to improve the strength and sensitivity of the forearm muscles.

  11. Roll the rope with weight. Standing, holding the scroll, forcefully roll up the suspended heavy objects, and control the restoration. Scroll first and then reverse, repeat. This exercise can make the forearm muscles stronger and stronger. In addition, exercises such as gripping the gripper, grasping and pinching the barbell are also effective ways to develop the forearm muscles.

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