What are the best bed slimming exercises

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  How does a person want to slim down, I believe that everyone will go to the gym to slim down exercise, in fact, do not go to the gym can also slim down, it is also possible to exercise at home on the bed. That how to slim down at home, can be slimmed down through supine leg lifts, air pedaling and other movements. So, what are the best bed slimming exercises? Let’s take a look!

  1. supine leg raises

  Lie on your back on the bed or yoga mat, palms down on both sides, legs together and lift the legs up 90 degrees, 20 back and forth.

  Note: mainly with the abdominal force, do the process to breathe through the nose, do not hold your breath.

  2. air pedal

  Again, lie on your back on a bed or yoga mat, put your hands on both sides, and slowly perform the bicycle movement with both legs, with the back of your feet collapsing straight when you go up and down. After doing 20, change the reverse direction and do another set.

  Note: Do the process slowly, keep breathing calmly.

  3. Handshake and foot stretch

  Lie on your back on a bed or yoga mat, chin slightly tucked, shoulders relaxed and sunken, open the left leg on the left side, left hand out to grab the toes. Continue for a minute or so, then switch to the right side.

  Note: Try to stick your back and legs to the mat, it’s okay if you can’t grab your toes with your hands, just do your best, and pay attention to prevent overexertion with sprained muscles.

  4. half butterfly pose

  Sit with your legs apart on the bed, straighten your left leg, bend your right foot, put the footplate on the inner thigh of your left leg, force your upper body down with your waist, put your hands in front of you for support, and after complete adaptation, you can join the twisting and side bending posture

  Note: Be sure to use the strength of the waist, legs as close to the ground as possible.

  5. Seal Pose

  Lie on the bed or yoga mat, legs straight and open to shoulder width, hands on the ground in front to support the upper body.

  Attention to detail: hold your head high, open your shoulders and place your elbows opposite each other.

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