What are the benefits of turning hula hoop every day

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  Speaking of hula hoops, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Hula hoops are a very common exercise tool in our daily life. At the same time, there are many benefits of hula hoops. Of course, it is very helpful for us to turn to hula hoops every day. So, what are the benefits of turning hula hoops every day? Let’s take a look at the benefits of turning hula hoops together!

  What are the benefits of turning to hula hoop

  1. Weight loss

  Anyone who has turned a hula hoop knows that a hula hoop has a certain weight. If you want to play a hula hoop, you must have enough strength. This will inevitably consume body energy. In fact, there is a consumption of abdominal fat. Stick to a few After a month’s hula hoop exercise, waist and abdomen fat will decrease.

  2. Prevent constipation

  When turning the hula hoop, it is actually a process of massaging the abdomen. The pressure exerted by the hula hoop on the abdomen will promote peristalsis of the intestines. People who often turn the hula hoop will move faster than ordinary people. It is beneficial to the intestine to promote the movement and discharge of stool and prevent constipation.

  3. Exercise waist muscles

  When turning the hula hoop, it mainly relies on the relaxation and contraction of the abdominal muscles and back muscles. At this time, this part of the muscles can be exercised very well, which is very good for preventing cervical and lumbar diseases.

  How to turn the hula hoop

  1. Stand on the floor, put the hula hoop around your waist, then take a small step forward with one foot and start practicing. After shaking for fifteen minutes, the other foot moves forward and continues to practice. This is the most basic way to practice hula hoop.

  2. Stand in a half-squat manner, then place the hula hoop above the knees and start to rotate and shake. At this time, our whole body is in a state of tension, especially the knee joints will be well trained.

  3. Choose a hula hoop of moderate size for arm exercises. Place the hula hoop above the wrist. The alternating rotation and shaking of the left and right hands can effectively exercise the muscles of the arm and make the butterfly arm disappear as soon as possible. At the same time, the shoulders can be well exercised.

  4. While shaking the hula hoop with the waist, we can also perform appropriate arm exercises, which will increase the amount of exercise and allow the body to consume more fat in a short time. We can raise our arms while shaking, or extend them in parallel. You can also practice high-fiving and punching while shaking your waist.

  5. Find a place that is more spacious and move forward while shaking the hula hoop. Walking around repeatedly is also a form of deformation exercise, which can enhance the coordination of our body and at the same time allow better training of the abdomen and legs.

  6. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, then squat slightly, and start shaking the hula hoop. We can feel the special tension in the thighs. If we are too tired, we can alternately practice standing and squatting. This is very useful for eliminating fat on the thighs. effect. And it can tighten buttocks.

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